Attenders love it when things are easy, and now the Church Online Platform will allow them to log in to your #churchonline chat experience using their Facebook credentials. It doesn’t get easier than that!

Additionally, when attenders log in using Facebook, admins can access a little more information about them. This information can help your chat hosts and volunteers interact better with your online attenders.

For example, if an attender logs in to your experience using Facebook, and then requests live prayer, your chat host will be able to see gender, if the user is over 18 years old, location, and more. These facts will help the host navigate the prayer time with excellence.

Follow these instructions to set up your Church Online Platform account to allow Facebook logins.

Visit and click on 'Register.’

If you’re not logged in to Facebook, you will be prompted to log in to Facebook or create an account.

Accept the Facebook Platform Policy and the Facebook Privacy Policy.

Click 'Register' and then Click 'Done.'

Facebook will redirect you to their ‘Quickstarts’ page; from there select 'Website.

Type in the name of your organization to name your Facebook application.

Note: This is your ministry application name, please do not use “churchonline” as the name of your app. It should be specific to your organization.

Click 'Create New Facebook App ID.'

Add Your preferred contact email for your application and select the category you think best fits your

Click 'Create App ID.’

Facebook will present a screen of images as a security check. Follow the onscreen instructions to verify as a user.

On the next page click 'Skip Quick Start' button in the top right-hand corner.

You are now at your application's dashboard. Click on the 'Settings' link on the left side of the page.

Under the field App Domains add your church online domain name.

Under App Icon upload a 1024px x 1024px image of your organization’s logo.

Under the website box add your main website URL.

Note: If you have #churchonline hosted on a custom domain you can use your primary website for this link.

Click 'Save Changes.'

Under the 'Products' Label in the left side bar click '+ Add Product' then click 'Get Started' next to 'Facebook Login.'

Under the 'Client OAuth Settings' section fill in the 'Valid OAuth redirect URls' field with your domain name.

Click 'Save Changes.'

Click the 'App Review' link in the left sidebar.

Under the 'Make [Your App] public?' section, toggle to ‘yes.’ In the confirmation box click 'Confirm'

Click on the 'Dashboard' link in the left navigation.

Open a new tab and navigate to your Church Online Platform admin.

Click on the settings link in the left navigation, then click the Facebook Login tab.

Click on the browser tab that contains your Facebook application dashboard

Copy your Facebook App ID and App Secret into the respective fields on the Church Online Platform admin settings tab.

Click Submit Application.

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