Adding Platform Translation to Theme

Updated 10 months ago by Becky

Add Platform Translation to your Church Online account and reach people in the language of their hearts. All editable text, including chat, poll slides, salvation slides, headers, footers, buttons, and more, can now be translated into 103 languages. 

Turn Platform Translation On

  1. Locate the theme you would like to enable the translation button on and scroll to the bottom of the page to "Plugins".
  2. From there, toggle "Platform Translation" to 'on'.
  3. Be sure to save!

Platform Translation on Page

  1. When a user visits your page, they will see the "Select Language" link in the bottom left hand corner. By default, the link will remain here unless you customize the placement using the advanced editor.


When a visitor clicks "Select Language" they are offered a wide variety of languages to choose from that will allow them to connect with your team in their heart language.

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