Obtaining the Video Embeds from your ChurchStreaming.tv account

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If you are using ChurchStreaming.tv as your streaming provider, this document will walk you through the necessary steps to retrieve the embed code from them.

Note: You will use the same video embed for Default, Low, Offline, and Mobile.

Login to your ChurchStreaming.tv account

Go to: https://manage.yourstreamlive.com/login.php

  1. Enter your "Username"
  2. Enter your "Password"
  3. Click Login

Select Manage Account on the Administrator Dashboard

Go to Embedding Tab

Click on "Web Site" located under the "Embedding" tab

Select the Live tab

On the next page, locate and select the "Live" button from the the top tab navigation.

Copy Code

Scroll to the bottom of the "Live" tab and copy all of the code in the Responsive Design / Church Online Platform field.

This code should be pasted into the "Default", "Low", "Offline", and "Mobile" fields in churchonline Video Embed fields.

To learn where to add the embed code on Church Online Platform: https://churchonlineplatform.crisp.help/en/article/adding-embed-from-streaming-provider-1fksk2k/

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