Setting Event Reminders

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Event reminders help reengage visitors with your Church Online service. Visitors can receive event reminders via text, email, or calendar.

You might have seen it, a small icon on the schedule of your online experience. The new Event Reminders feature allows attenders to choose a scheduled event, and the platform will email or text them a reminder when that event is about to start. It's a little icon that can have a big impact on your attendance rates, and it's already live on your schedule. Because of mobile optimization, we can text a reminder and bring them back into church on their phones

Accessing Reminder

There is nothing that you will need to do to activate Event reminders, they will automatically show as a small clock icon next to all of your upcoming events.

  1. To access the reminder icon, click on the "Schedule" tab.
  2. From there, click the small clock icon located next to the Event.

Text Reminder

There are a few ways that you can reminded about upcoming events. The first is via text message. The visitor will add their 10 digit number and select their carrier. They will then be reminded of the event via a text message message when the event starts.

Email Reminder

The second way a visitor can be reminded is via email. By simply adding their email and clicking "remind me". When the event begins, the visitor will be sent an email with a link back to the event.

Calendar Reminder

The final way that a visitor can be reminded is by calendar event. By clicking "Download calendar event (.ics)" a file will be downloaded to the visitor that will allow them to save to their mail client. Works with most mail clients.

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