Creating a Pop-up Form

Updated 10 months ago by Becky

If you are wanting to have a form pop-up when an attendee first comes to your platform, here are the steps to make that happen.

  1. Go into the Admin
  2. Click on "Tools"
  3. Click "New Automation"
  4. Select the Trigger that will enable that will enable the form (Entrance URL, Slide Click, Referrer)
  5. Depending on what trigger you selected, input the correct link or select the slide you would like to use as the trigger.
  6. Select "Wysiwyg modal"
  7. Embed the form into the field. If it is an iframe embed or something similar, make sure to select the </> button so you go into the HTML field.
  8. Click "Set Action" button
  9. Name, activate and click the "only trigger once per user" if you only want it to populate once for that time period.
  10. Click "Create Automation"

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