Migrating from Version 3 to Version 4

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Step 1 - Create a new Church Online Platform account

  1. Go to your version 3 account and log in. Verify you have administration access. (You will need admin access to claim your slug) Once you are logged into version 3 and have admin access, proceed to the next step.
  2. Go to https://online.church/signup and fill out the sign up form
  3. Make sure your timezone settings are correct.
  4. Use your subdomain from v3 (e.g. if it was freedom.churchonline.org on v3, you can claim it on v4 and it would be freedom.online.church).

Step 2 - Set Up Your Online Campus

  1. Once you're in the admin, click on 'Setup' from the navigation menu.
  2. Appearance tab
    1. Customize the Appearance settings of your new online campus.
    2. Add resources for attenders to engage with via Navigation Links.
  3. Offline tab
    1. Add an Offline Video for people to see if they come to your site between Services.
    2. Add the email address(es) of people you want to receive Prayer Requests when there are no hosts present to pray with someone.
  4. Church Info tab
    1. Adjust the settings you created when you signed up (address, website, timezone, etc.)

Step 3 - Migrate Your Users

  1. Head to the 'Users' section from the navigation menu
  2. Click "Import Legacy Users" and follow the steps to get all of your v3 accounts migrated. You can also Add Users manually. NOTE: Once you import users - all users login information will be transferred over (unless they created the account with a Facebook login, that information will NOT be transferred over)
  3. Note: this is where you will manage roles, unmute muted attenders, and manage passwords and other profile settings for your users.

Step 4 - Add Services and Content

  1. Head the Services section from the navigation menu.
  2. Add as many service times as you want, set the frequency and recurrence pattern.
  3. Add Content to your Services by tapping 'Add Content' - fill out the Content form.
  4. If you're using the Live Stream option, set your width and height to "100%" in your embed code.
  5. If you're using the Vimeo or YouTube simulated-live options, make sure the video is set to public in Vimeo or YouTube.

Step 5 - Run Services

  1. Your Services will run at the date/time you set them to when you created them.
  2. Log out or open an incognito window and go to your new church online URL to experience what an attender will see when they go to online campus during a Service.

Step 5 - Host Tools

  1. Log back in through the hamburger menu in the top left to access the Host Tools.
  2. In the Host Tools, hosts can post a Salvation Moment if/when the speaker makes an invitation/altar call. This will allow attenders to express the decision for Christ in the Service.
  3. This is also where hosts can engage with attenders in public and private chats, as well as with other hosts in the Host Chat.

Step 6 - Measure your impact

  1. Head back to the admin after your first Service ends and click on the 'Analytics' section from the navigation menu to view analytics for the Service.

Step 7 - Direct to Version 4

  1. Once you are ready to run services on Version 4, you can redirect attenders via a custom domain or utilizing the shut down feature.
    1. Custom Domain: If you are using a custom domain in Version 3, you can change you DNS settings to direct it to your Version 4 site. Here is how: https://support.online.church/article/b2gv454rgg-custom-domain
    2. If you are using the provide domain (example.churchonline.org) you can utilize the shutdown feature, which will redirect attenders from your version 3 URL to your version 4 URL. Note: Once you turn on the shutdown feature, you will not be able to get back into your version 3 account. Make sure to gather any information you may need. Here is how to do that: https://support.churchonlineplatform.com/article/7k5rnvkr07-utilizing-the-shutdown-feature

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