Setting Up Offline Prayer

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Through the Church Online Platform, we want to make the church experience as seamless as possible. One way we make that easier is through the Offline Prayer Request feature. When Offline Prayer is activated, users will be able to request prayer 24/7 from your experience page when your service is not live and you will be notified in an external form.

This will allow your visitor to submit prayer requests without ever having to leave your Church Online site. Anytime that you receive a prayer request, you will be emailed directly.

Access Admin

  1. Select "Admin" from your profile drop down

Prayer Requests

  1. Select "Prayer Requests" from the left hand navigation.
  2. Under the "Recipients" tab be sure to add the email addresses of anyone that you would like to be emailed when a request comes in. You can add multiple by adding a comma between the emails.
  3. Be sure to Save!


  1. One you have offline prayer setup, you can see a list of emails under "Received"
  2. You can see the person's name under "Name"
  3. You can see the request they made under "Prayer Request"

Request Prayer

When you do not have Church Online services active, "Request Prayer" will now appear! When a user clicks on "Request Prayer", they will be taken to the URL you provided.

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