Streaming Providers

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There are two different ways to play content through the Church Online Platform: Live Streaming and Simulated Live Stream.

Simulated Live Streaming: You upload a pre-recorded video to a hosting service like Youtube or Vimeo, copy/paste the share URL into the event's video section, and the platform will play the video like it is live.

Live Streaming: To stream your service live, you will need to have a streaming provider that you will send your video through and the streaming provider will provide an embed code that you can copy/paste into the the event's video section on the platform.

There are many different streaming providers available that you can use for the Church Online Platform. Below are just a handful of streaming providers, but we encourage you to reach out to other churches for recommendations as well.

- [Living As One](

- LightCast Media

- [Stream Monkey](


- Vimeo Live Stream

- Haivision

**Update on Youtube Live Stream: ** For those trying to utilize Youtube Live Streaming as your streaming provider - it has not been a reliable provider for external streaming to tools like the Church Online Platform. We recommend you check out one of the streaming providers above.

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