Customize Chat Host Tag

Church Online Platform is highly customizable, and one way you can make a #churchonline experience your own is to create custom identifiers for the staff and volunteers who administer your chats.

Previously, if you were a user with the permission “Chat Host," there was a label added to your name in chat that read HOST. Existing and newly added “Chat Hosts” will still be labeled as HOST by default, but now you can customize that label if you wish.

There are a couple of different scenarios where you might want to customize this label.

  1. If you don’t use the term HOST. Your church may call them Volunteer or Greeter, or something else.
  2. Your church's default language isn’t English. If your church’s primary language is Spanish, you could change this label to Anfitrión.
  3. A user has “Chat Host” permissions and abilities, but they don't need to have an official label next to their name. In this instance, you can leave the label field blank.

Set a Custom Chat Host Tag

Step 1: In the Church Online Platform admin, click “Roles” and then click “Edit/Add a Role.”

Step 2: Change the title in the field “Chat Host Label.”

Step 3: Click “Save.”

You can see in this screenshot that the label has been changed from Chat Host Label to Custom Label.

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