Linking Video to Your Event

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In this tutorial, you will learn how to add and schedule events. This is a key feature to creating your event. This will also allow you schedule multiple services using one Event.

Accessing Event Embed

  1. Select "Events" tab from Admin
  2. Select "edit" icon from the Event you want to add times to


From the Videos tab you can add all the Video Embeds for your Event.

  1. Default - This is the main Event embed.
  2. Low - This is not a necessary embed but can be used if you want to provide a lower quality option to your viewers.
  3. Offline - This can be used when you do not have any services active. This area is often used for promotional pieces.
  4. Mobile - This is required to make your mobile devices work. This may be the same as your main default, you will want to contact your streaming provider and determine if the embed works with both desktop and mobile.


If you have entered all the appropriate information then you should see "Event videos were saved." banner.

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