Adding Event Times

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In this tutorial, you will learn how to add and schedule events. This is a key feature to creating your event. This will also allow you schedule multiple services using one Event.

Accessing Times

  1. Select "Events" tab from Admin
  2. Select "edit" icon from the Event you want to add times to


  1. Click the "+ Add Event Time" button

NOTE: You can also see a list of the current Event Times here. You can edit or delete these by clicking the appropriate icon to the right.

New Event

  1. Select Event Frequency. These can be one time, daily, or weekly events.
  2. Select the specific date or days you would like the Event to run on.
  3. Select the timezone you want.
  4. Select the time for your event.
  5. This allows you to select when people can begin to login and also when chat is made available. If you select "15" then your chat will open up 15 minutes before going live.
  6. Click Save.


If you have entered all the appropriate information then you should see "Event times was successfully created." banner.

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