Customize Start Times with Video Offset

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The video offset feature is a powerful tool that allows you to start your live video feed even before your event has started. This allows you to run things like countdowns or pre-service videos without it affecting your start time.

Access Your Event

  1. From your Admin, select the "Events" tab

Select Edit or "+Add Event Time"

You have two options

  1. If you do not have an event service time set up, you can select "+Add Event Time" to create a new service time


  1. Select "Edit" to edit an existing service time

Set Up Offset

  1. ​Once in the Event Time Setup, select "Times"

After setting your Event time, you can now set two other parameters.

  1. Chat Start is the time you would like chat to begin for your event. If you would like to allow your visitors to show up early and chat, you can set that here.
  2. Video Start is the time you want to switch from "Offline Video" to your "Default Video" or live video feed. During this time, you can run a countdown or other pre-service video, and your countdown and event start time will remain intact.
  3. The Service Time Visualization tool will help you visualize the adjustments you are making to your video and chat start times.

NOTE: The video and chat start times must be "0" or positive numbers. Negative numbers are not allowed.

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