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More than 40% of Church Online Platform viewers watch from their mobile devices. Through the mobile version visitors now get a richer, deeper, more engaging experience. With updates for Android and iOS systems, your Church Online attenders will be able to watch video full screen, chat full screen, interact with improved mobile schedule, modals, and slides and, easily invite friends.

Android users can even chat and watch the video in-line at the same time.


When you land on the homepage of your Church Online Platform web version you will be shown the above screen. From the homepage, visitors will be able to initiate the (1) video, (2) engage in chat, (3) view the upcoming schedule, and (4) send messages.

Note: With Android, once a visitor triggers the video they will be able to watch the video and chat at the same time.


  1. Visitors can also view the "Schedule" tab to see upcoming events.
  2. Visitors can set text, email, and calendar reminders by clicking the 'clock' icon.
  3. Visitors can also invite others by clicking the invite link.


Users will also be able to view their profile and any header and footer links you have added by clicking the hamberger in the top right hand corner.

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