Updating Organizational Information

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Once you've activated your platform, you will want to put the necessary information about your church in the platform. This info is helpful for communication and Search Engine Optimization. It will will make it easier to locate your Church on the web and bring consistency from your main Church Online site. 

Adding Info

Go to the "Settings" tab

  1. Place your church name here. This will display if a logo has not been uploaded yet
  2. Enter your church's main website her. When the logo is clicked, the user will be taken to this address
  3. Choose a logo you've uploaded to the media area or upload one from your computer
  4. Select the timezone of your church
  5. Provide an email. This will be considered the "Owner" so we suggest a staff member in charge of the platform
  6. Proved a primary contact number
  7. Provide your church's main address. If you have multiple campuses, you might use your main campuses address
  8. Provide the city of your church
  9. Provide the state of your church
  10. Provide the zipcode of your church
  11. Provide the country your church is located
  12. Provide the main language of your church

When complete, save your work.

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