Using YouTube for Simulated Live

Simulated live is a type of video broadcast that keeps every online attendee in sync. In a simulated-live, or sim-live, event, attendees join the event in progress at the same time, just like attendees in a physical service. So, if your event starts at two p.m., and an attendee logs on at 2:05 p.m., they'll join the service five minutes in. This is important to Church Online because it creates a cohesive community even though people are separated by computer screens. No matter where they're watching from, they can watch, chat about, and react to the same content at the same time.With YouTube, sim-live is now built into the Church Online Platform.

Access Event

  1. From the Admin, you will need to navigate to the "Events" tab to display your events.
  2. To access the YouTube streaming page, you can either create a new Event by going to "+Add Event" or you go into the event editor by selecting "Edit"

Videos Tab

  1. Once in the Event edit area, select the "Videos" tab
  2. There are two options you can select to setup streaming, you will need to select the "YouTube" tab.
  3. In the "YouTube" section, you can either enter the YouTube URL or the embed code that YouTube provides for you.
  4. In the "Event Finished" area, you can add a YouTube embed. This video will immediately follow your main video event.
  5. The "Offline" area can be used to embed an image or a video. This video or image will be shown when there is no live event playing.
  6. Be sure and "Save" your event.

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