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If you are using as your streaming provider, this document will guide you through the required steps to broadcast Live, 360° Virtual Reality, Channels or Prerecorded content with the Church Online Platform.

Note: You will use the same video embed for Default, Low, Offline, and Mobile. Existing customers will have received the Live Streaming embed code in their welcome email. To access your live embed code, send email request to or login to your account.

Login to your account

Go to:

  1. Enter your "Username"
  2. Enter your "Password"
  3. Click Login

For Live: Select My Profile. Scroll to Live Embed Code: Copy Code In your admin account at Church Online Platform, Click on Events, “+Add Event”

Enter the title of your live event, estimated duration, description and the other options you desire.

After you save the event, you can now add the embed code. Click on the Videos Tab

Change to Streaming Provider. This code should be pasted into the “Default”, “Low”, “Offline”, and “Mobile” fields in the Church Online Platform “Video Embed” fields. You can use a commercial, or other ministry videos under your account for Offline. Use the embed code for that specific content and past it instead in “Offline”. If you have 360° Streaming enabled with your account at paste your 360° Virtual Reality HLS stream code in the Virtual Reality field.

After you add 360° Virtual Reality HLS stream code, click 360 Video to ON. Obtain your embed code or an account with by phone or email. 360° Virtual Reality is supported on all streaming accounts at

For more information, visit

Phone: 1-404-399-8340 If you need any additional help, please email or

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