Chat Host Workspace

The Church Online Platform is built on the concept of “community around content.” Since talking and praying with #churchonline attenders is central to the purpose of the platform, we’ve built some features that make it easy to be a chat host during an online experience.

The Host Workspace

The Host Workspace is only visible to people with the ‘host’ permission as set by the Church Online Platform administrator. Hosts have a lot to juggle while they’re moderating a chat, so the Host Workspace makes all the necessary components easy to see and interact with:

- Hosts-only chat so hosts can confer with each, ask questions about experience, and encourage each other

- Expanded-view chat with attenders

- Minimized video viewer

- Tabs for notifications, resources, notes, and metrics just for hosts

- Slides controls

View the video below for a walkthrough of the Host Workspace layout. 

Accessing the Host Workspace

During the rollout of the Host Workspace, you’ll be able to access the original view and the new view.

To access the new Host Workspace view, navigate to your #churchonline experience and log in as usual.

Once you’ve logged in, click “switch to new host tools” at the top left of the experience.

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