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If the chat is live and active, but you are not seeing any video, take these next steps to troubleshoot: 

Do you see a video player, but it has an error or "Video has ended" status on the screen?

If Yes - you will want to reach out to your streaming provider to help determine next steps. The Church Online Platform hosts your streaming provider's player - so any video error/audio error is usually within your streaming provider. (If you are using Youtube Live - that is currently not a 3rd party streaming provider we recommend. Learn more about other streaming providers here: Streaming Providers

If you do not see any video player, here are some next steps:

First, go to admin>events>edit event>videos

1. Do you have the correct streaming embed code in the "Default Video Embed Code" section?

If Yes - move on to question 2.

If No - copy and paste your streaming embed code provide from your streaming provider.

2. Is that embed code HTTPS? You can tell by looking at the source link within the code - does it show "HTTP" or "HTTPS" (ex:

If Yes - it is "HTTPS," please contact support by scrolling to the bottom and click on "Chat with Us"

If No - If it is only "HTTP," you should be able to just add the "s" to it. If that doesn't work, you will want to reach out to your streaming provider to determine if they provide SSL (HTTPS).

If there is no video and chat is not active - you will want to make sure the event is active. You can do this by going to admin>events>and you can see what event is active. If there are no active events, you click on the "Active" button that is to the right of the event.

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