Setting up Automatic Slides

Updated 5 hours ago by Brandon Livingood

In the Church Online Platform, you can manually push your slides or have them automatically display during your service. We will walk through how to set up the automatic slides.

After you have created an event, you will do the following:

1. When editing the event, click on "Slides."

2. Add the slides you want to use within the service.

3. Order them correctly.

4. Set your slide offset time for each slide. This is when you want the slide to automatically be displayed when your service starts.

00:00:00 is Hours:Minutes:Seconds

Example: If you want the Welcome slide to be displayed when your service first starts, it should be: 00:00:00

If you want another slide to be displayed at 3 minutes into the service - the offset time will be: 00:03:00


- The time begins when your service begins.

- There is not a way to clear the slides - but you can use a generic slide in between each slide

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