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The Church Online Platform helps people engage with #churchonline wherever they are in the world. Some attenders aren't comfortable signing in to chat at first, and the Reactions feature allows them to participate in the service in a fun, low-friction way.

The Reactions feature allows an attender to click a heart symbol on the video viewer to express that they like an aspect of the online experience. As attenders click the heart, colorful animated hearts float across the bottom portion of the video.

Reactions lowers the barrier of engagement for attenders to express themselves during a service without having to sign in or be uncomfortable or vulnerable in any way.

Front-end Interactions. 

Reactions will be "on" to an attender by default. To 'react,' an attender will simply click the heart symbol. If the attender wants to turn of the heart reaction, they can expand the three dots in the upper right corner of the video and disable the Reactions feature. 

Back-end Interactions. 

Reactions are an event-based feature, just like chat, notes, or the custom tab. When you create a new event (or update an existing event) in the admin panel of the platform, simply toggle 'Reactions' to 'off' to disable it if you wish. The feature will be enabled for all newly-created event times unless it is manually turned off. 

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