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Slides can be used as supplemental element on the page. The are show below the video and can be interactive. They also allow full html customization. Slides can be pushed automatically or manually depending on what works best for you.

Accessing Slide Tab

You can access the Slides area by clicking the "Slides" tab on the right side of the Admin.

Slides Page

  1. Click "+ Add Slide" button at the top of the screen.

Here you will see a list of all the Slides that you have previously created. You can search for a previously slide by Title as well.

You can also preview, edit, copy, and delete slides from here.

New Slide

  1. Title your slide. This is not shown on the front end so you can label them how you need for organizational purposes.
  2. Select the type of Slide you want to create.

Background Image: a slide that has content over a selected image. This option requires that both an image is used AND that the content box is used. These are good for more complex slides that you are wanting to add HTML over or if you are wanting to add text on top of an image.

Image: a slide with no content and only an image. The content area will not work for this slide. These are good when you are uploading an image and only want to display the image or only add a link url.

Poll: a poll is a slide that allows you to ask questions that the user is able to respond to. By default, there is an image uploaded but you are welcome to add your own. These work well when you are wanting users to respond to a slide. These are often used when asking people if they would like to make a decision to follow Christ.

  1. Image - from here you can add an image previously uploaded from your Media Library.


  1. Upload file - from here you can add an image from your computer.
  2. Content - this area is to be used with "Background Image" and "Poll" slides. If you want to add custom HTML click the "</>" button.
  3. Applies to all slide options. This can be used to link users to other urls by clicking on the slide. Be sure to include the full URL (http://....)
  4. Click Save.


If you were successful in creating your slide you will see "Slide was successfully updated"

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